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I'm using this page as a resource to catalog various internet entries that have something to do with my career, partially for my records, but also for my fans, who can use this page as a "one-stop-shop" instead of having to poke around the internet themselves. Enjoy!

PODCASTS - these are downloadable from my site. Click each entry to download the .MP3 file.

Irreligiosophy #101: Interview - April 8, 2011 (52:45)

Irreligiosophy #95: Interview - February 9, 2011 (1:18:20)

Monster Talk - November 8, 2010 (50:00)

The Agony Column: Interview - October 23, 2010 (8:24)

The Agony Column: Reading of Short Story, "Second Opinion" - October 23, 2010 (29:14)

The Agony Column: Interview - August 11, 2009 (59:51)

Beyond Investigation - interview with woman from the In a Dark Place tale. Ray calls in to confront. **Some audio problems** - July 15, 2009 (1:37:25)

Dominion Live - March 27, 2009 (10:16)



Damned Connecticut - Ray is interviewed regarding his involvement in writing In a Dark Place

Amy McLean's Blog

Amityville Murders

Jane Bled Author Spotlight on Ray Garton

Ten Questions with Ray Garton


Snakebite Horror

Bleeding Me Black - 6/8/12

Malina Roos - Men in Horror: Ray Garton



Amy McLean's Review of SCISSORS (video)

Cal's Books interview with Ray

NIght Fright w/Brett Holland