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Zombie Love coverWhen Kirk Mundy, seventeen, loses his girlfriend Natalie in a car crash, the pain is more than he can bear. In addition to this great loss, he feels immense guilt, as he survived the crash due to his seatbelt. Why didn't he force her to follow his example?

Kirk and his friends, Randy and Liz, have heard rumors about the strange Mrs. Kobylka up on Witch Hill all throughout their childhood, and they intend to find out whether or not these rumors are true. Is this odd old lady really a witch who once helped a neighborhood boy bring his dead dog back to life? Can Mrs. Kobylka help mend the pain they all feel by bringing Natalie back from the dead?

Kirk is dead-set on finding out, but he may not be entirely prepared to accept all the responsibility and consequences that come with that particular wish when Mrs. Kobylka warns "this girl, she will be your responsibility, not mine."

Zombie Love is currently out-of-print, but copies do pop-up on Ebay and Amazon from time to time.

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