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Sex and Violence in Hollywood coverAdam Julian, a guy in his early twenties, is the son of a wildly successful Hollywood screenwriter who specializes in loud, dumb, moneymaking action movies.

He hates his father, he hates Hollywood, and he's having an affair with Dad's new wife.Gwen. The only good things in his life are his best friend Carter and his new girlfriend Alyssa.

When Gwen's daughter Rain comes to live in the Julian household, everything changes. She forces Adam into illegal sex, crime and lots of trouble. When Adam plots to kill all of them -- his dad, Gwen and Rain -- he ends up in the middle of a big high-profile trial complete with Hollywood celebrities, celebrity attorneys, and circus-like media coverage.

Along the way, he encounters movies stars, drug addicts, pornographers, a pyromaniac, a nymphomaniac, and a powerful legal force in the tiny body of a woman named Rona Horowitz, who is the attorney equivalent of a tsunami.

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