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Seductions coverThere are creatures stalking the night in human skins, alien things with lustful hungers and razor sharp fangs that want to seduce you away from your flesh. With Donald's sanity on the edge and his relationship with fellow teacher Anne Cramer gone sour, Donald feels there is nothing left for him to live for when young Fredericka (Freddie) Santos mysteriously shows up on his doorstep.

Freddie lets Donald know he isn't alone in his ability to sense the creatures, and together the two of them make a pact to find out what's happening in their small town. The popular school teacher and the teenage girl, together with seasoned detective Lewis Walther, cross the boundaries of sanity to discover what is lurking in the shadows, and feeding on the townspeople. Call them Vampires, Succubi, Incubi, or whatever you will, they are intelligent chameleons whose only intent is to feed on human desire - and human flesh.

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