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Dereliction coverMatthew Delasser is quite happy with his modest life. He enjoys his job, loves his friends and his girlfriend, and he even gets along with his landlady.

But one day, all of that changes.

For reasons Matthew doesn't understand, his friends stop talking to him. His girlfriend never has time for him. People avoid him at work. His landlady starts showing his place to other people. Even his cat, normally affectionate and very attached, wants nothing to do with him.

Soon Matthew is fired from his job, his landlady tells him to move out, and his girlfriend and friends won't speak to him. Children begin to cry and run at the sight of him.

As Matthew's world falls apart, he has no choice but to look into his deepest, darkest secrets and ask himself: "why does everyone see a monster when they look at me?

Dereliction is currently out-of-print, but copies do pop-up on Ebay and Amazon from time to time.

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