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Darklings coverLook around you. Is your world famiiar? Comfortable? Does it seem the same today as it was yesterday? It isn't.

Something is loose in your world that wasn't there before. Something terrible. It is born of the devil, nurtured in evil, and set loose to do its vile work. It moves its foul form with a sleek, sudden, malevolent grace. It comes, it touches, it takes over. Then the horror begins.

An aging surgeon, a captured fugitive, a pregnant mother, an innocent hospital worker... each is its victim, driven by a grotesque impulse to acts of murder, mayhem, nymphomania, infanticide, cannibalism... Can it be stopped? Perhaps... But the battle will be waged by a few brave, desperate souls on the edge of Hell, while Satan awaits the triumph of his cherised... Darklings.

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