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Welcome to my website!

Since I was eight years old, all I've wanted to be was a writer, and since 1984, I have been fortunate enough to spend my life writing full time. I've written over 60 books — novels and novellas in the horror and suspense genres, collections of short stories, movie novelizations, and TV tie-ins — with more in the works. My readers have made it possible for me to indulge my love of writing and I get a tremendous amount of joy out of communicating with them. I've been doing that on Facebook and Twitter for a few years, and now I have a home of my own on the internet. This is the place to find out what I've written, what I'm writing and where to get it. You can read my blog, keep up to date on new releases, take part in contests, and read an occasional short story online. Thanks for coming by — look around, get comfortable and visit often!

- Ray Garton

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